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The most intelligent and powerful Magikoopa in the Mushroom Kingdom, and the adoptive father of Bowser. He also helped raise Bowser's Koopalings. He first appeared in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island as the villain; a brilliant, powerful, vicious, and sickeningly loyal guardian of the young Koopa King. But now Kamek isn't quite as passionate, nor as overprotective of his King as before, and is basically neglected by Nintendo.
Eccentric and oh-so-sexy, Kamek is somebody you don't want to fuck with.
Kamek is Bowser's closest advisor... and you must BOW TO HIM IN HIS MIGHTINESS, YOU SCUM!!
by Slim November 20, 2004

1: the most powerful and oldest wizard in the Mushroom Kingdom

2: a portmanteau of Cake mix and the store chain Kmart

3: Badass and good-lookin'
1: I can shave your head with a flick of the wrist! YOU HEAR ME PATHETIC TOAD!?!

2: I gotta buy some Kamek

3: You see that guy over there? he's a damn Kamek if you ask me
by your best idiot March 10, 2010
Bad-ass mofo. Sexy as hell, too.
Kamek kicks so much ass.
by Anonymous July 29, 2003
Some dude who's real names include Cakemix and Kmart.
Kamek buys Cakemix at Kmart.
by mraiel omg August 06, 2003
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