Kalyns are so pretty they practically glow with beauty! They are so funny and fun to be around! They are always laughing and happy! They are the best friends to have because they are always they for you! Kalyns are very liked by boys! They are very good at relationships! They are very popular. Everyone wants to be there friend! If you know a Kalyn you are a very lucky person!
Boy 1: That girl is so pretty! She looks like a goddess!

Boy 2: she must be a Kalyn!
by supercutie121 June 08, 2014
The coolest chick in Potomac, MD!
Hey are you kalyn?

No, I'm from Glen Burnie, MD.
by Jake January 26, 2004
a really awesome chick from texas who has a big @ss and a hott body!! and a really sweet boyfriend!!
krazie, hott chick
by Kalyn Kaemmerling December 02, 2003
this blond chick who's kinda country who likes to have wild kinky sex with black men
Celeste: Damn, Kalyn, what happened last night?
Kayln: Oh it's straight I hooked up with the light one and you got the dark one as usual....and mine is a rapper.
Celeste: Damn nigga!
by Celeste May 26, 2003
Ruben's EX-girlfriend.
Kalyn dumped him on HIS ASS!
by KALYN October 02, 2003
The girl that mchief loves and wants to have hard butt sex with...

Okay maybe I stretched the truth a bit...
mchief343: man I had a fantasy last night!
KeyesBlob: about that girl right?
mchief343: hell yeah

the rest is too bad, don't wanna hurt no little kids
by KeyesBlob July 06, 2004

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