Kalli: A girl who love dicks. A Kalli spits, does not swallow and can sometimes resemble a deep throating chicken.
Jon: DUDE! I totally had a Kalli yesterday.
Sam: HELLz NAH man! I wish I had one!
Jon: NO! She was hella emotional and psychotic!
#kalli #dick #deep #throat #chicken #swallow #spit #emotional #emo
by mathclassmrB May 25, 2010
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Top Definition
an extreamly hot girl
shortened version of kaleena
That girl is so kalli
by Ryan Wilson June 17, 2003
Is the utter most gorgeous girl you may ever encounter. Her kindness is the one only found in stories. Although she is always hurt by her boyfriends she always keeps that smile on her face and never inflicts hatred towards them. Her smile would brighten anybody's day. Her taste in music is impeccable! She also always looks at things in a positive manner. She is very, very deep.
I've finally found my Kalli!
#kind #sweet #beautiful #deep #music
by Yes,we know. October 01, 2010
a funny person!
by carli August 12, 2003
Pouplar; Perfect
She is so kalli.
by Kalli November 28, 2003
a banana eater.
Kalli loves her bananas.
by Rhea March 21, 2004
1: Being extraordinarily stubborn to a point of being delusional.
2: One who is likely to make grand claims with no proof ~ when presented with counter-proof is likely to dismiss it as statistical noise, or change his previous statement entirely to accomodate the new proof, playing it off as if that's what he meant all the time.
3: Being unable to see your own faults.
Don't be so kalli about it.Be more open to objective analyses
#stubborn #delusional #kalli #narrow-minded #subjective
by TheDoctorMaster December 11, 2013
noun. To pull a Kalli. To keep a secret from one person in particular, but spill the beans by including them in the secret preparations.
Ted pulled a Kalli, he just invited Jones to his own surprise party!

Shirley just pulled a Kalli by telling everyone about Nancy's birthday gift, but copying Nancy on the email.
#kalli #oops #accident #mistake #uhoh
by Slyburger February 15, 2010
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