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a smart pretty lightskin with a great personality , she is someone who attracts attention and makes friends easily even though that is not wanted , she has troubles showing her emotions and is a sweetheart
kalicia is the prettiest girl ive ever seen
by Kaay March 08, 2015
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Someone who does'nt get the point.
03:02 <Kalicia> comm
03:02 <Kalicia> I dont care what he says.
03:02 <Kalicia> I really dont
03:02 <Kalicia> I care about the people who I talk to all the time sideing with him.
03:02 (comm) then get new friends
03:03 <Kalicia> See, if this was you, you'd be doing something about it.
03:03 (comm) are we souposse to make people like you?
03:03 (comm) not really
03:03 <Kalicia> No
03:03 (comm) i dont hang out were im not wanted
by poopman September 22, 2003
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