A term one uses to describe a male penis. In most cases this definition is used to describe an unusually large male organ of copulation in a humorous way.
Tom's mom loves to suck Wingy's KAK.
by Bat-Wing March 20, 2009
pronounced 'cack' or 'cacked' - to betray someone's love and trust as if you have no conscience.
That bitch kakked me!
by bread infection November 30, 2009
no you dumb fucks!!! KAK is slang for cock! as in the male genitals member!!!!! you say Kaaaakkkk in a elongated swing accent, that what KAK means you fucks
"Unreal niglet.......that girl tried to swipe at my KAK last night!"
by kak234 September 12, 2011
To show a hint of laughter (lol)using a touch of sarcasm.
Is that a jheri curl? KAK!
Is he wearing velveteen pants? KAK!
by W.G. (White Girl) April 02, 2009
poo or something that comes out of the bumbum. can be added to other ramdom shite to make it a better word.
go kak on a monkey, you kakalicious kak monger! i bet you can't even do a kak flip!
by bridgeman May 24, 2003
Used in Australia, particularily Victoria. Synnonimous with "funny".
Andrew: Hey Reece just spilt his drinks all over himself.
Paul: Dude that is kak.

Andrew: Hey we should go steal Reece's drinks.
Paul:Yeah that would be so kak.
by Andy Fergo January 21, 2006
Means to be bad or to wrong someone in some way.

The Word Kak Oringinates from the Greek word kakistos & kakos which means bad/worst. It was later used in words such as kakistocracy which means goverened by the worst.
"Hey, I thought you were coming over yesterday?..Man youre a kak."

"Dang man you freakin kak'ed me over"
by Jc Dub April 07, 2005

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