One of the most bitchiest girls you will ever meet. Cries her eyes out when she hits 90lbs and eats like a hog. Always has to make people feel bad for her. Pretends to be depressed to fit into the style. Absolutely fake and one of the snottiest girls you will ever meet. Always expects gifts and is always extremely jealous. Too needy and UGLY, inside and out.
Person: I was really sick yesterday.
Kaity: Well I gave BIRTH yesterday.

Person:My dog died.
Kaity: Well, I'm already dead inside that's why i cut myself.
by nomnomtothenom August 08, 2011
a know it all
Kaity is waaaay to smart for her own good
by the other one October 26, 2003
A egotistical bi*ch that needs to keep her nose out of other peoples business.
Haha, stop acting like Kaity!
by Ryan March 16, 2005

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