1. a word originating from the Hawaiian word Kai (sea)

2. A ninja who spies on high government officials on other continents (china etc..)
1. i live towards kai side

2. i sent my kaikai out to spy on _insert_name_here_
by king_popcorn January 03, 2010
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When two drag queens hook up.
Did you see Mimi and Cece after the show last night? I think there was some kai kai going on behind the scenes!
by xstevenprocess June 03, 2009
When agreeing on something and giving "props" you say "KAI KAI" ... as in you agree.
"Yo that gee has a fine booty, kai kai!"
by Tyla February 11, 2006
the greatest man to ever live. has no left periphal vision but it pretty cool anyway. could be better at brawl.
kai kai, go make me banana pancakes.
kai kai, you're my favourite.
by bmoy April 03, 2008

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