A lovely boy that is just to die for! Has a great fun personality with the cutest smile. A lot of girls are after Kai because he is a popular, good looking lad, also known to normally have a sibling that is also very good looking as well.

Also quite a loud boy and normally talks to a lot of girls some people know him as a player...
by EmmaDemend77 January 05, 2012
A guy who is definitely a keeper. He's one of the sweetest guys you will ever know. Kais are sweet, smart, and really funny. They have a great personality and they are fun to talk to. Kais are really into music. Kais are there for you no matter what and help you through whatever. Kai will accept you for who you are. Once you have a Kai in your life, you're never going to want to let him go because he is so amazing. Did i mention he's sexy too?
Girl 1: He's such a Kai!

Girl 2: I know, I'm glad he's mine! He's so amazing.
by funah0lic May 21, 2013
when used as a name for a female: one of the most alluring women you will ever see. she can either be asian-type, or blonde and blue eyed. she is often exotic looking, and if not, she is of exotic demeanor. kai females are a rare breed, and if you are to come upon one, you know they are special.

often extremely beautiful, enthralling and magnetic in a way you rarely see. she is hilarious, intelligent, and different. she is hot from the start, but she only gets hotter as you know her. easy to fall in love with; hard not to. kai's are usually the best in bed. best as in the BEST you will EVER have. you easily getting addicted to kai.
holy shit dude, that girl over there that just walked in. theres something about her. i think she could be a kai.
by bubbasean April 28, 2011
Kai is the Japanese word for Shell.
Johno: Look at that kai.
Sami: Isn't it pretty.
by Kaii June 23, 2006
This means to be extremely lucky in something
Wow he is so kai to have entered that shot!
He is so kai today. He won the lottery today.
Did you have 'kai fan' (chicken rice) a.k.a lucky rice. You have been so lucky today.
by Lum Choong Yi November 26, 2005
New Zealand English for food, from the native Maori language
Hey you fullas, I'm really hungry - ok, let's find some kai.
by william February 07, 2004
An individual who stalks cats on a monthly basis, Takes photos and posts them on walls of their homes.
Are you lucking at that cat?
than your a kai
by Joey Sara March 06, 2007
A word which means king.
"King Kai" from Dragon Ball Z, GT. "East Kai" "Grand Kai"

That man is kai around here.
by George Texon November 10, 2006

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