Noisy, non-violent confusion, perhaps involving some scuffling, arising through ignorance or incompetence

I am Australian and have been using "kaffufle" all my life, although I just realised I did not know how to spell it.
Students were causing such a kafuffle in the hall that a security officer had to investigate.
by OzzieSusie March 12, 2009
I heard this word being used in an NHL hockey game. The commentator had indicated that the participents had taken part in a kafuffle. To me it meant a minor or meaningless tussle or fight of no consequence.
"The kafuffle between Johnson and Smith didn't amount to much; not even minor penalties."
by Hendrikus J. Kleiss April 04, 2004
a screw-up, a SNAFU or confrontation or altercation
the two crackheads got into a kafuffle over the last rock.
by lungpig June 18, 2003
Something that takes a lot of organising and causes an issue.
I tried to reorganise our hotel but it was a right kafuffle
by Darran September 09, 2005
A kafuffle is when some dopy cunt, screws up, messes up or just does something outright stupid.
Used mostly by those peoples in pommyland.
(While drinking tea biscuits)
Sir Ed: Oh whoops i just lit your cat on fire.
Fugly maid with bad teeth: Hahaha what a kafuffle.
by Dazdownunder September 08, 2009
When a task is troublesome or involves tedious work, it is referred to as a kafuffle.
Changing the bed sheets is such a kafuffle!
by RAnts March 27, 2005
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