Alternate k-fuffle. Fits lungpig's definition (a screw-up, a SNAFU, a confrontation, or an altercation). Used frequently by author John Nichols ("Conjugal Bliss," "The Voice of the Butterfly")
by doulos October 24, 2003
Contrary to other entries this has zero to do with Little Britain. Its just slang for "Much to do about nothing" and creeps up in every day conversations all the time, its been around long before Little Britain.
Oi blimey, what a load of kafuffle!
by Dan Dodd January 01, 2006
Used a lot in 'Little Britain', brilliant sitcom starring David Walliams and Matt Lucas.
Lou looks after Andy, who's in a wheelchair, but does he really need it?
Lou: So which one do you want, Andy?
Andy: I want that one.
Lou: Are you sure?
Andy: Yeah.
Lou: I don't want to have to come and bring it back to the shop 'cos that would be a right kafuffle.
by Bubble_Pop March 29, 2005
As used in "Little Britain" - when looking after a mad person and having to do what they want when they change their mind....
Paints whole bedroom red - then wants it blue after the last bit has been done - what a kafuffle
by Martin January 21, 2004
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