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A south African term used to describe niggers.
Both Pookie and Ray-Ray are "kaffers ".
by omega greek March 05, 2009
a racial slur in south africa for blacks, very derogatory.
That kaffer over there is worhtless to me, would you like to buy him for five rand?
by jason reti June 22, 2005
Derogatory/very rude word for black people in South Africa. In old dutch it means unbeliever (in God), so should not necessarily mean black, but just unholy or non-Christian. Boers gave the name in early South African history as native Africans did not believe in Jesus. Name came after Bantu - which means the same thing, but got banned as it was discriminatory.
I was very shocked that the kaffer that stole my car and broke into my house was a white guy.
by Willem steyn van der Merwe May 23, 2008
The word kaffer is a word that is used widely in south africa and is a derogatory word for a black person. Used mainly by afrikaans people.
-Awe boet
Hey bru
-Wanna go fuck some kaffers up tonight?
ja fully oke thats a good plan!
-lekker bru lets go fuck those dumb monkeys in the ass!
Lets go!
by Pik Boeter March 16, 2008
A Kaffer is someone who has an abnormally large opening at her vagina.
Last night I tried to have sex with her, but my dick got lost in her fucking Kaffer!
by December 02, 2009
A South-African word used towards black people by racist cunts, mostly ignorant jocks who grew up on farms.
Im just a narrow minded boer who wont fit in if I dont play rugby and hate black people.

Jan: Hey ou,let's go beat up some kaffers tonight.

Koos: yea we dont have anything better to do on the farm except eat mielies and rape cows anyway
by fokjullefokkinboere! July 10, 2008
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