A German delicacy, served hot and plump.
"Betty loves a man who knows how to prepare his kackenbauls for consumption."

"After a long day at the office, Sally realized that she needed to relax and recharge with a big and meaty helping of kackenbauls."
by PetShelterPimp March 05, 2005
1. The "utzfah", the "right stuff", "what it takes".

2. A German delicacy....
"Suzy likes men with big kackenbauls."

"I decided to bake Joe kackenbauls for his birthday, he ate them right up."

"We catered a celebration for the Men's Theater Ensemble, and they all adored the stuffed kackenbauls!"

"Kackenbauls are best served plump, and best eaten on a stick."
by PetShelterPimp March 05, 2005

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