The guy who goes last when running the train on a girl. usually earns postion for lack of condom or freguent sexually deviant behavior.
Looks like reed's jump'n on as the kaboose.
by The Kaboose April 02, 2006
Top Definition
Slang word for butt, ass, booty. Usually referring to the more voluminous kind. Se also caboose and cabooty.
Originally, spelt with a "c", a naval term meaning the cook's gallery on a boat.
(vulg.) Hey! Check out the kaboose on that chick!
by Mefistofeles August 24, 2004
A kaboose is a woman who has huge booobs and an ugly face.HUGE BOOBS.
You're a kaboose.
Hey you kaboose!
by K4T!3 June 02, 2009
To tag along or follow a single person or a group of people when not wanted
Jwalk: " Let's Roll Boys"
Zach: " Yeh Boys, Let's Roll"
Jwalk: " Holy buddy , yer quite the fuckin' kaboose"
by J Walker December 12, 2006
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