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The clown from the Simpsons.
Hey hey hey! It's Krusty's Komedy Kontraption....wait a minute....
by Rob Templin February 13, 2003
A word for a completely annoying person whom nobody likes but won't leave people alone. A person who seems to radiate a strong desire of hate towards them.
Other Qualities:
* Barges into conversations
* Invites self to parties/events
* Sometimes walks like a duck
* Steals Food Without Asking
* Generally Skanky Behaviour
* Gets fisted a lot
Olly: I'm so gunna punch her in the baby maker
Scott: Olly do you not know?
Olly: Know what?
Scott: She got fisted.
Olly: (face crumples) URRRGHHH! SHES A KRUSTY!
by Mazzy B March 18, 2009
something/someone that is being shady. another words when u see something nasty and thats the first thing you think of.
looking at someones nasty,chipped,ganggreen, toenails. and there so nasty the only word to descibe it is damn thats krusty. a word like it maybe shady.
by jesusrape July 10, 2009
Similar to a hippie but not necessarily into 'peace and love', wears baggy pants and strange clothing usually torn. hair is usually long and sometimes dreadlocked with sticks or pieces of string hanging from it. most are dope smokers. overall a scruffy appearence hence the word krusty hippie or krusty
Some street performers are krusties and there is a krusty group in almost every collage
by Conor 001 May 09, 2006
a person who enjoys things such as, but not limited to: Indiana Jones hats, animal ears or tails, trench coats, stage crafts, star wars stuff, knee high dockers, fishnet arm sleeves, fantasy figurines, anime, nightmare before christmas paraphanalia, the WOW, all black outfits, the Sci-Fi Channel, excessive video gaming, capes, skeletal clothing and partially neon colored hair streaks.
generally a person who is socially awkward and doesn't know it and is convinced all the previously mentioned items are cool because they cant find then at Hot Topic.
You may find them laying on the grass near the drama room or the art department.
"My RA was playing WOW for 5 days straight, he's so freakin Krusty"

"Hey, are you gonna sign up for stage crew?"
"Dude.. you're Krusty"

"Last night I walked by Hot Topic.. talk about Krustville"
by Frankie Lafond February 20, 2007
Someone who is gross, annoying, and won't leave you alone. They also attract ticks in their bed and have a fro.
Alex is a krusty ass hoe
by Jquaaa12 October 01, 2015
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