The worst attempt at a signature catchphrase ever! Only thing its successful in showing is the users inability to play golf. Probably the anti-FORE call.
H-Preet: KT check out my whole in one!
KT: Watch this shot. KABLAM!
KT: I'll catch up with you guys at the next whole while i go find my ball.

KT: Can i interrupt for a second.... KABLAM!!!!!
by H-IZZO June 28, 2005
Top Definition
A show on Nickelodeon that aired a few years ago that featured different skits such as: Loopy's World, Henry and June, etc.
Kid: "I just got done watching kablam!"
by DiiKaBaKa January 20, 2004
One of the best shows on Nickelodeon. It did sketches like action league now and promethius and bob.
Hey! Did u see the new episode of Kablam!
by James from norwood June 26, 2007
a childrens tv show on nickelodeon some years ago.
i just watched kablam yesterday!
by sasha December 21, 2003
An interjection to describe something with immense power or awesomeness. Specifically, something (or someone) that is 'turtelly awesome.'
"KABLAM! Check out that turtle..."
by Chipchip23 January 14, 2013
a thong.
im wearing tight shorts, so i must wear a kablam !
by tikxtok July 21, 2010
1.An slang word from Albuquerque meaning black tar Heroin. 2.Often used interchangeably at the end of someone's name to mean they deal or have heroin. Kablam is used in this fashion usually only when non users or potential rats are listening to the addicts conversation.
1. "wow that was some good kablam!"
2. "hey do you want to go hang out with joey kablam?"
"yes lets go."
by animuu September 29, 2012
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