Sex technique for women to exercise their K-muscles ('Kegel', named after Dr. Arnold Kegel who discovered them in 1940. Also known as PC or 'pubococcygeus' muscles).
Originally, it's a Taoist technique practiced by Chinese women for sexual-amplification of relaxed vaginal muscles, but this word has become known by Muslim Indians and comes from Arabic which means literally, a 'woman who bakes' or 'baker woman'.

The main exercise is where a woman inserts a raw egg inside her vagina and clutch on it with her vaginal muscles (they resemble the ribbed insides of a vacuum-cleaner's hose), and then release again to help 'milk' the penis during sexual-intercourse.

The last people to ever take to this ancient sex practice --besides them new-ageist, schtupp-mad cheesy quacks -- were the Turkish sultans and rich polygamous Ishmaelites who reportedly used to visit over a hundred women in one night!

Another interesting old sex technique is kabbadi: oral tantric sex exercise of Indian origin where a woman utter a certain word repeatedly with no breath to tighten the inner sex muscles Kegel-like.
Kabbazah was first described by the British Muslim traveler and explorer Sir Richard Francis Burton in the mid-19th century.
by hammer---;, hytham May 02, 2007

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