used to describe lightning in a conversation
"did you see that lightning storm last night? it went KACHOW right past my hosue!"
by Magaz May 09, 2008
Top Definition
Lightning McQueen's catchphrase in Pixar's latest animated film, Cars.

Lightning McQueen: Ka-chow!

*poses for the cameras*
by EsbenT September 01, 2006
When getting a blow job you give the girl a money shot trying to get most on the cheek and some in the eye. Then you shine a flashlight in her face and make it shine like Lighting McQueen. If done right she should also look like shee is winking
Dude I totally got Kelly with the Kachow last night
by TripleAAA October 08, 2009
The multi-use word that was invented by GV in 2010. I can be used to describe many things that are from amazing to sketch. Use it often and randomly.
Sniper pulling trigger: Ka-Chow, mofo.
Guy drinking AriZona Tea: Ka-Chow!

Student: I got an A! Ka-Chow!
Student 2: Dude, I totally failed. Ka-chow!
A puzzled football player: Ka-Chow?
by GVANAHAH December 17, 2010
word used when your girl is just getting finished giving you dome.
Jason:man nathan what did you do last night?
Nathan:My girl gave me some fire dome and i was like kachow.
by Nanther 54 November 06, 2007

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