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word used when your girl is just getting finished giving you dome.
Jason:man nathan what did you do last night?
Nathan:My girl gave me some fire dome and i was like kachow.
by Nanther 54 November 06, 2007
Lightning McQueen's catchphrase in Pixar's latest animated film, Cars.

Lightning McQueen: Ka-chow!

*poses for the cameras*
by EsbenT September 01, 2006
When getting a blow job you give the girl a money shot trying to get most on the cheek and some in the eye. Then you shine a flashlight in her face and make it shine like Lighting McQueen. If done right she should also look like shee is winking
Dude I totally got Kelly with the Kachow last night
by TripleAAA October 08, 2009
The multi-use word that was invented by GV in 2010. I can be used to describe many things that are from amazing to sketch. Use it often and randomly.
Sniper pulling trigger: Ka-Chow, mofo.
Guy drinking AriZona Tea: Ka-Chow!

Student: I got an A! Ka-Chow!
Student 2: Dude, I totally failed. Ka-chow!
A puzzled football player: Ka-Chow?
by GVANAHAH December 17, 2010
used to describe lightning in a conversation
"did you see that lightning storm last night? it went KACHOW right past my hosue!"
by Magaz May 09, 2008