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to not answer a direct question
did you have relations with that women k5 on that.
by bubba mark January 22, 2008
The "kill zone" on FBI shooting targets.

The relative probability of a kill was indicated by the letter "K" followed by a number from 1 to 5.

The bottle shaped area that included the heart, upper torso and head was labelled K5.
He reached for the gun, so I dropped the hammer on him and he was K5.
by Bob "A" February 18, 2005
Fullsize chevrolet SUV truck, debated whether it is in fact an SUV or a truck seeing as how the it is convertible as well as a 4x4. Came with 350s 400s and rarely a 454. Later on the blazer would become the s10 blazer, a nonfullsize pickup non convertible as the fullsize became tahoe after 1995.
Kevin's blazer is worthy offroad and onroad.
by Kevin January 26, 2005