Ktrain is a complex set of behaviors exemplified by a willingness to break laws, desire to cause destruction, and other mildly anarchistic activities. Not to be confused with anything else.
Pat and Adam
by Ktrain May 06, 2004
Top Definition
an extreme badass who runs over anyone who gets in his way
Kevin is such a K-Train, did you see the power he had when he absolutely trucked that guy?
by Kevin Kramer January 23, 2007
A group of people who are doing k, and moving around the city while more people come by and buy k and do it.
damn I caught a random k-train last night... Got so high
by ChRoN!C June 05, 2010
The K-train consists of Kevin riding his bike, and either Joe, Zach, or Jaymes riding on the handle bars. This came to be when we were one bike short, and Joe needed transportation, thus resulting to the K-train.
Yo Joe, let's take the K-train to Walgreens.
by Joe,Kev,Jay, Z-dogg April 01, 2005
1. To belittle, beguile or otherwise cut-down another person in an un-intelligent way. 2. To switch rapidly from calm and collected to irate with no prior warning or understandable reason.
Man I'm so upset right now, I just got K Trained by my boss.
by M. Sabatini October 15, 2006
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