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a reference to korean rock, often influenced by j-rock, or Japanese rock
Did you hear of that new k-rock band?
by mirva March 17, 2006
7 21
Music originating from Korea. Short for Korean Rock. Mostly in Korean with some english phrases. Seo Taiji is the best korean rock artist.
K-rock artist Seo Taiji rocks!
by xxhardocre May 20, 2007
27 8
Krock Radio. 92.3 FM in NYC and surrounding areas. An Alternative Rock, which plays any rock song thats currently out now, ranging from Korn, Slipknot, Incubus, to Muse, etc.

They have an hour of music from the past at 12 Pm. Booker the Dj is on at 2 pm (the best DJ on that station) and Howard Stern is on at 6 am in the morning.

One of the best stations there is in New York.
Intro: Krock, WPLJ, 92.3 ... KROCK..
DJ: Welcome back, I'm Booker, and today, we are playing ... "
by TwiSt February 16, 2005
12 2
1. A radio station
2. Short for Korean Rock
3. A rapper who used to be down with Three 6 Mafia/ Hypnotize Minds
Person: Man I love K-Rock
Other person: ??
Person: K-Rock is hot
Other person: ??
Person: Don't front, out of all meanings of K-Rock, the third one is the most important
Other person: Hypnotize Minds BITCH
by SyntaxE July 16, 2006
14 5
A person or thing that is rock like. Also is very dark in color and is made fun of a substantial amount.
That whore was being such a KRock when she did that asian.
by Eddy Lopez February 11, 2008
6 2
The best radio station with good songs. Better than Z100. 92.3 FM
Someone: wanna listen to Z100? it's the best!

Me: hell no, K-Rock is the best
by Razor... December 18, 2004
21 19
korean rock n' roll; relating to kpop (korean pop music)
my best friend shares her love of krock to me
by danny J November 03, 2004
8 8