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jyro is a black nickname given to a white male.
A jyro is a 40+ yr old male that plays video games non stop and has his own network running inhis room.
A stack of computers called a "tower" and calls them his babies.
His computers are more loved than his son, while his friend jeff is hated and disliked among the community
"Wad up jyro?" "get the fuck away from me jeff!"
"hey jyro can i play RUUUNE on your computer?"
"Touch them and ill slit your throat!"
"Hey jyro, i beat someone up today..."
"What was her name jeff?" "Ashley"
by boredmorriskidzzzz November 18, 2006
Someone that's heavy wealthy but still takes every benefit available. For example someone who's dad makes a fortune but still gets the cheapest stuff and gets free meals etc
You have to pay fir that, do you think yer a fuckin' jyro or something?
That cunt bus is fir wee jyro bastards only
by Woooweee August 25, 2010
A guy on Toribash with epic KickBoxing skillz
Toribasher: Did you see Jyro?
Toribasher: He's totally epic
Uke: I know dude
Uke: You want to know how I know?
Jyro logged out (SPEC)
Jyro: Because I am Jyro!
by Vezere June 05, 2009
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