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Semen, Sperm, Cum, baby juice, knutt.
I shot jype all over that chicks grill till she looked like a Jackson Pollack!
by Royboy January 01, 2008
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Being so hyped up you lose touch with reality.
Aaron: Hey whats wrong with Cj?
Nick: What do you mean?
Cj: (staring at wall) I love this painting
Aaron + Nick: Dude he be jype'n
by SiIv3r June 22, 2011
A philly term, for being hype and joe at the same time! dammnnnnn.
Shanika:Yo I just came from the mall and I got all these clothes!

Niggaaa you JYPE!
by sofabulous October 09, 2007
Another term for hooking up.

Alex: Yo buddy, did you get jypes from that chick yesterday?
Adam: Yeah man, but we only made out.


I copped some jypes from Daniella yesterday.
by JLevskies February 05, 2008

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