1.Used when a girl breaks up with a man. Means she wants everything in the relationship (the talking, the feelings, the emotions), but the guy doesn't get the sex.
2. Used by one guy to describe a relationship with a girl. This means he was rejected and didn't get any play.
1. I think we should just be good friends. Means: I want you to be in a relationship with me, but I will be having sexx with other guys and not you.
2. SHe and I are just good freinds. Meeans: I made a pass at her, but I got rejected.
by JJ July 13, 2004
Top Definition
what your best friend tries to tell you. When hes bangin' the chick youve wanted since you were 10.
"dont worry man, were just good friends"
by Ant July 13, 2004
What girls say when they really mean any of the following:
1) I just don't want to fuck you
2) You're ugly
3) I'd rather fuck him instead
4) Don't think I'm dating him, because I'm definately not.
1) Oh, John...we're just good friends. Let's not do anything we'll regret.
2) Oh, John...we're just good friends. I don't want to ruin that.
3) Oh, John...we're just good friends. No, of course I don't like Mike better...
4) Oh, that John kid? Don't worry Mike, he and I are just good friends.
by xCassx July 13, 2004
1. An indirect way of admitting that you are indeed having a sexual or romantic relationship with someone but won’t openly admit it because it's taboo.
2. A way of denying a sexual or romantic relationship with someone.
3. Saying someone is really your Fuck Buddy
4. What Nice Guys whine about.
5. Or some times it does just mean that you’re just really good friends with someone.
When asked about her relationship with Johnny, Laura replied "Oh no, we're just good friends".
by OneBadAsp October 30, 2006
A duet with Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder you can find on MJ's classic album BAD.
If They Ask Her
Tell 'Em That We're
Just Good Friends . . .
Dah! Chika-Chika-Chika-Ah!
by Claque July 12, 2004
Term used to describe someone you're sleeping with when you don't want it to get out that you're humping like bunnies.
Screwing Cheryl? That skank? No! We're just good friends.
by lepeu July 13, 2004
What a girl tells a guy instead of castrating him.
What girls think is a non painful way to let a guy
Hey Lauren would u go out with me? "
"Ummm no id rather just good friends"
by John Y July 13, 2004
The term used by celebrity publicists when two celebrities (or a celebrity and a non-celebrity) are having a casual sexual relationship. The term is emphasized when one of the people is underage.
16-year-old Hillary Duff and the 25-year-old man she has been seen making out with are just good friends.
by Julia July 12, 2004
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