A term used for someone ecspecially a girl who is shady, a back stabber, alchoholic, drug user, loose morals, glamourises themselves, sleeps around, and also makes everything about them.
Jennie "Oh my gosh, I cant believe she is acting like this, She has slept with every nasty person in town not to mention she drinks and does drugs too, but then she talks about everyone decent in town!"

Erica "I know she is so junky!"
by PrettyPrettyprettyPrincess July 01, 2011
Femail sex adict: A woman craveing a peak or more of any man's junk--making her a sex junky.
Honey I am a Junky for your trunk.
by gogogranny April 26, 2010
One who dabbles with illicit drugs.
A junky could be thought of as a drug-user who goes on continuous benders.
by Nicko Walsh June 18, 2006
1 who is a bum. Sombody that dosnt hav a home or money. Or sombody that sells or dose drugs or both sell N' uses drugs
Steve: yo man u got some money u could lone me.
LiL'Nappy Jones: man weres tha 200.00 dollas I gav u yesterday. Man get a job ur such a junky.
by LiL'Nappy Jones(LNJ) February 12, 2005
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