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a name for a crazy girl (or boy- SPYKIDS anyone?) that is very outgoing.
whoa- that girl at the party dazzled everyone: she's such a JUNIE.
by Mackenzie Livston January 21, 2009
June is gay pride month. Preppy semi flamboyant gay men who wear white, pink or orange polo shirts. Guys who act gay are called Junies.
I seen a group of Junies at the pride parade.

I see this hot Junie at Abercrombie & Fitch store.

Was that Junie was checkin me out ?
by Optimal Optimus Primus June 17, 2009
1. (–noun)
Name used to describe dirty drug addicts.

2. (-adj)
Word to call someone in a derogatory insulting way

Exclamation of disgust, usually spoken loudly and slowly
1. She got crazy gettin off her face she's a 'JUNIE

2. Get F*cked you F*cking 'JUNIE

3. F*ck-in "JUN-IE
by Tom Dillinger September 16, 2007
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