'e bee dee one ehn deh back of deh massive wit deh jib, deh spliff, deh junglette, end deh blak 'oodie. enuther name for a rudebowy. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezeh now wikid! BO! BO! BO!
by Pubert Qubert Quakenbush April 03, 2003
an attendant at a rave typically characterized as a fan of drum n' bass, hard techno, and jungle. Also characterized by a seemingly distant, confrontational attitude and dark clothing. An antithesis of this type of raver would be the candy raver.
Hey, that junglist dude over there has been giving me dirty looks all night.
by hyperexcel June 17, 2003
a hip hop reject , a person that was not hard enough for the underground hip hop sceen and there for has to go to raves to feel like a badass.
That junglist was a candy kid two weeks ago.
by cheesexburger May 09, 2006
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