a complete and utter fucking legend,who knows how to party and get fucked up.and a man that loves jungle drum and bass more than he cares about sex
CHEESY QUAVER (junglist raver)
by £10 bag December 20, 2009
a junglist is a combination of all stylz rolled up in one. someone who is observent and open minded of anything and everything. although quik to form an opinion and stand firm about it, a junglist can also be someone who just straight doesn't give a fuck about anything but the things that matter the most. i.e. music, vibes, and all things good. a junglist will offer his/her opinion no matter if you want it or not. junglist are usually very straight forward people.

a junglist can also be someone who is dark and twisted, but deep down inside they to are good at heart. oh yeah and they feel real strongly about their music and sub-culture.

someone who loves music, and thats about all i can give for an example. its more of a state of mind than anything else, to me.

by bronson January 29, 2004
one who lives, eats, and breathes drum and bass, jungle, and all things related to it. they have a tendency to be ignorant at times towards other styles of music and scenes. also, can be very opinionated about what they like and will strongly stick to thier opinions for the life of them. every junglist has an aggressive side to them, whether it be obvious to the public or not. clothing styles range from 555 soul to eurotrash to indie to casual. 90% of junglists are potheads, cokeheads, and/or alcoholics.
those junglists absolutely hate trance.
by jon January 31, 2004
people who dig sweet music and breath eat and sleep it! 24/7 listenin to da soundz. wreck0nize!
OMG look at the sexy junglist chick!
by wreckonize October 25, 2003
An enthusiast of jungle music, a sub-genre of drum & bass. A devout follower of the drum & bass scene.
A raver, or a jungalist who is usually found to be wearing camo clothing.

The guy is a pure junglist
by neoh July 23, 2006
(n) origin The Islands of the Bahamas. A woman who dress up in bright colors. Red skirt, sky blue blouse and yellow stiletto shoe.

(a) behavior pattern not befitting of a lady.

A young woman who curses, drinks strong liquor, smoke.
dat gal dey is a real junglist.
by Jampine July 05, 2011
DNB jungle fan usually a ragga muffin, same as the person who wrote a fight for survivle, lyrics from congo nattys everyday junglist booooooooo!!!!!
when i'm weak your telling me that i'm strong, when i'm right your telling me that i'm wrong, but i know, now i understand,now i see, i see your wicked plan,...............i'm a junglist
by souljah November 29, 2003

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