someone who can drink alcohol and continue drinking without getting drunk as they do it. Instead of gradually getting drunk they go from relatively sober to completely shitfaced

originating in MoCo
"Bro, by the 8th shot i was so done, but fred was still fine after his 8th. I fell asleep for a few seconds and then woke up and he became sooo drunk after and tried having sex with ashley! He's such a jumper!"
by CarriedAway February 20, 2012
a girl who's ready (anxious) to jump a guy's bones (sex) at the her very next chance
You can tell she's a jumper by the way she keeps flirting with him.
by Ginny Jewel February 10, 2010
Someone who jumps from friend to friend to friend... they are your closest friend for like two weeks, then when they meet a new group of friends, or they just can't get along with people, then they move on, and jump into another circle of friends trying to fit in.
"Hey wasn't she one of your closest friends? And in your top?"

"Yeah, for like a month... Then I didn't hear from her anymore and she's hanging out with a bunch of new people now. She's just a Jumper."
by Shelbykitty August 15, 2008
Jumper: an expression used when encountering a handsome or otherwise pleasant person.

first's like first impressings, first timers that could be old timers, like olives but different, never like that!

"3 dates? "JUMPER"!

"oh that's way too much energy for her!.."Jumper." no, she'll sleep like the longest!"
by good attention September 03, 2013
Usually what long, high, triple, or pole-vaulters are referred to in track and field. Jumpers kick the asses of all other track athletes. Everyone loves a good jumper.
Joanne cleaned up at provincials with a long jump of 4.92m, a high jump of 1.70m, and a pole vault of 3.80. The rest of the jumpers were very jealous.
by emilyleonard July 07, 2008
Commonly used for Narcotics, preferably marajuana, usualy meaning 1 ounce of cronic
"Hey Bro do you have that Green Jumper i left in your car?"
by BatM_JuaN October 18, 2004
A Paratrooper
"Then when the green light turned on, the command was given, "Go!" One by one, each jumper leaped from the plane, trying to stay as close to the guy in front of him as possible. Our plane was traveling at 120 mph and every second lost between jumpers meant about 176 feet of separation between landing sites and comrades."
by Tyler December 15, 2003

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