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A mexican who rides in a van/truck on Halloween blasting Reggae music while cooking fajitas and shouting "Ey!!" to the trick-or-treaters. Then the jumper jumps out of the van/truck and gets candy, then jumps back on and halls ass.
Jill: "Hey Jimmy look at those jumpers over there! They even remembered to wear costumes!
by Nathanispro May 25, 2008
the flyest guy in the crew. The guy that gets to get with anyone's chick, and it's ok. The guy in the middle of the crowd and can't get unnoticed
Well yeah just let him do what he want's, he's a jumper.
by holla back youngin May 08, 2005
A person holding a yoga ball in the game of ball ball.
see Baller.
person 2:I'm not bieng the jumper if we're playing ball ball again.
person 1:hehehehe.....Fine, you can be the baller this time.
pseron 2:Oh no! You're not gonna trick me again!
by Me-Hung-Low August 19, 2006
A person who jumps to conclusions
A jumper sometimes jumps to conclusions by gut instinct
by St. Ias September 18, 2005
One of two people Munging a dead girl. The Jumper is the one who jumps on the stomach while the Receiver puts his mouth over her vagina to catch everything that comes out.
"Hey Brad, you still wanna Mung Suzie's corpse tonight?"

"You know it, Bro. I've been waiting years for the cancer to get her. One thing though, I got Jumper."

"Sweet. I'll receive."
by High school high February 19, 2008
a person's ability to make a shot in basketball or something of that sort like a paper ball in the trash can. Considered "broke" if it's bad.
"That foo' right there gotta broke ass jumper."
by xxchaoticreignxx May 21, 2005
a girl that jumps around between guys
That girl is a jumper because she tried to get with me and all my friends.
by dude August 17, 2003