A newly used term in Dearborn, Michigan (largest Arab population in the US). A jumper is an Arabic and/or Muslim girl who sneaks around behind her parents' backs to see and/or do "things" with guys. A girl who "jumps" out her bedroom window to go see a guy. This term may also be applied for any girl doing inappropriate things behind her parents' backs.
"Man, that girl is hot."
"Hell yeah, and you can get shit from her, too. She's a jumper."

"Ay, do you know that girl ______?"
"Yeah, why?"
"She seems like a good girl."
"Hell naw man, she acts like she's good. She's a jumper. She's always sneaking out the house and seein' her boyfriends 'nd doin' shit with 'em."
by Bazie September 22, 2011
A Paratrooper
"Then when the green light turned on, the command was given, "Go!" One by one, each jumper leaped from the plane, trying to stay as close to the guy in front of him as possible. Our plane was traveling at 120 mph and every second lost between jumpers meant about 176 feet of separation between landing sites and comrades."
by Tyler December 15, 2003
Sweatshirt. Derived from that of the vocabulary of Sasha and not Mark
Look at that simpleton wearing that gymnast jumper!
by srublit November 09, 2009
Other players on shoot'em'up games online e.g. COD....who have bad connection causing them to move like hayden christensen in the JUMPER.
Whoa...that guys a jumper!
by J2daLo April 13, 2009
the flyest guy in the crew. The guy that gets to get with anyone's chick, and it's ok. The guy in the middle of the crowd and can't get unnoticed
Well yeah just let him do what he want's, he's a jumper.
by holla back youngin May 08, 2005
1. A man considered to be of high sexual level and attracts women of the ages 15-18.

2.(ex) Hayden Christensen

3. may cause the watcher to shout uncontrollably



"yous as fine as a jumpa"
by Gimandose July 10, 2008
Noun- The man designated the position to jump on the female's stomach during a daink this will then force the air out of her stomach causing the semen to elevate
Jeffery would you like to be the jumper or should I?

You have much stronger legs then I, I insist you jump!
by jbrown December 03, 2006

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