A jump off is a girl other than your girl friend that you see strictly for sex.
I'm getting bored with my girl friend; I'm looking for a jump off that I can have some fun with from time to time
by Ayo06 November 01, 2009
a man or woman who is quick to have sex w/ someone. Unlike "slut" it is gender-neutral - it can be applied to men, not only women.
What a jump off! He only knew her for a day, and he already let her have sex with him!
by Archer MC February 16, 2006
what new jersey kids call a big or good party
kid one "you going to the jump off tonight?"
kid two "hell yeah i'll be at the j.o."
by beepbeep January 12, 2006
a jump off is something exclusive, anything thats hot,brand new or something everyone wants.
ima get me the new jordan "jump off" from foot locker

what u know about this "jump off"?( point to the new doritos that came out)
by dtowngurl84 November 02, 2008
jump on jump off, girl gets around, spreads her legs to anyone.

Heather D is a jump off
by michele cool August 30, 2007
Jump off can mean anything. You can put that word in any sentence to replace any noun.
"them jump offs is hott" "that party was the jump off on friday" "she aint my girl, she just a jump off" "look at my new Jump offs"
A sorostitute known to jump from being a frat rat for one fraternity, to another, and another, etc.
Random Pike: Dude is that Kelly chick hanging out with Tekes now?
Random Teke: Yeah bro, she's being passed around the chapter.
Random Pike: Just last month she was at our formal... What a jump off!!
by Panther Fratstar September 13, 2010
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