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Girls who have sex with Casting directors to get jobs and money. These video hoes are in Hip-hop videos shaking there ass. NOTE IMPORTANT!!!!! Not every girl in a video is a video hoe. Video hoes have sex with the director and other people. Video models are just dancers that want exposure through hip hop music.
Video Hoe: I just had sex wit tha direcor Ima make some money

Video Model: I work hard and I'm a dancer. I see hip hop as way to make it big time.
by Jersey Kid November 02, 2007
A girl who is usually scantily clad in music videos.
Drew: Did hear that Jenna is going to be a music video?
Amber:She going to be a Video Hoe uh?
Drew: Correct.
by Rocklesson86 February 19, 2011
to be a hoe in numerous colored people's videos...
damn hoe you was in 2 pacs and biggies video... YOU'S A VIDEO HOE!
by Clintin November 19, 2006
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