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When some bullshits 'bout to go down.
Prison:Yo homes i don't like the tension right now, I think it's about to jump off in here.
by El Vato Montana September 07, 2006
Jump off can mean anything. You can put that word in any sentence to replace any noun.
"them jump offs is hott" "that party was the jump off on friday" "she aint my girl, she just a jump off" "look at my new Jump offs"
A sorostitute known to jump from being a frat rat for one fraternity, to another, and another, etc.
Random Pike: Dude is that Kelly chick hanging out with Tekes now?
Random Teke: Yeah bro, she's being passed around the chapter.
Random Pike: Just last month she was at our formal... What a jump off!!
by Panther Fratstar September 13, 2010
A jump off is basiclly a hoe. Or someone who trys to date all your ex's or guys you like.
"Yo i like Jamal"

"bitch your a jump off you no i dated jamal a week ago"

"hey i like mikey!!"

"yo back up jump off you no im trying to get with him"
by kiki-crazed September 10, 2009
a third choice; or other woman.
After i left my girl, i went straight to my jump off.
by kaitie. July 16, 2008
a crack pipe, usually a 4" glass tube sold in urban convenience stores as a novelty gift.
Tyrone: You got the rock?
Tyrese: Yeah, you got a jump off on you?
by Atown Social Experiment March 17, 2008
(Usually a guy talking about a girl) Saying the girl is a freak and willing to do whatever the guy wants her to do sexually.
To think my best friend is a jump off.
by Nicole B. February 29, 2008