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to have sexual intercourse
"god, you make me wanna jump your bones"

"wow, i'd jump her/his bones"
by Johnboy53 January 08, 2008
To have sexual intercourse, lustfully or aggressively.

Originally from the idea of jumping onto an erect penis (i.e. it would be done to a man not by a man), it has evolved to also refer to actions by the man with the erect penis.
Lisa winked at Mike, shirtless and sweaty after his workout, and said, "Let's go out to your ride. I totally wanna jump your bones."
by panscient June 07, 2009
slag for saying you want to have sex
"I want to jump your bones"
by princess_rose August 01, 2006
To have/want to have sexual intercourse with a person.
If you fix my computer, I will jump your bones!
by Gutlut June 02, 2009
something sexual a male does to a female.
Tim said to Jane "I wanna jump your bones"
by whyhaveaname September 21, 2006

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