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The word refers to someone who has above average qualities. It's a way of complementing a person on his or her unpretentious character, whilst he or she is achieving life's goals in a phenomenal way.
person A: "Shiiiit son, she is SO Jumoke!"
person B: "Right on brotha, truly sublime. Her man gotsta be the most fortunate brother up in here."
by xar el chamo December 20, 2010
15 13
This word refers to someone who is a waste cadet of un-proportionate amounts. They tend to listen to shit music and hunt after black men with high-top heads.
Person 1: Who is that girl getting up on that guy with a high-top?
Person 2: Oh that must be a Jumoke!
Person 3: The music in here is Jarring
Person 2: Yeah that's where Jumoke's tend to gather.
by Bossenden February 13, 2013
16 11