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Variant of "juice monster." A user of anabolic steroids, especially one who uses them to excess.

Juice monkey refers to a juice monster when they are dancing, as they usually shirtless, have their upper body muscles tense and barely moving with their legs stomping out of sync to the rhythm.
The other ravers were offended by the obnoxious juice monkey taking up the front of the dance floor.
by katt_85 February 16, 2006
1.(Noun) One who uses excessive amounts of steroids.
2.(Verb) To "Juice" your monkey or male masturbation.
3.(Noun) see asshole
1. The juice-monkey has small gnads and a high-pitched voice.
2. I will juice-monkey all night long.
3. That fucking juice-monkey took my lunch and killed my dog.
by Joshua Y. April 13, 2005
One human who thinks the risk of a small penis is worse than being large in order to entice those of the female kind, however, due to over-use of roids, leaves them incapable of performing any sexual act, therefore rendering the whole idea completely pointless.
Paddy is a Juice Monkey, therefore his balls are tiny.
by Dr. Kriacou June 19, 2012
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