there are a few definitions of juice

1. juice could mean an electrical current

2. juice is also used as slang for illegal steroids
1. My guitar amp wasn't working cause it didn't have any juice.

2. that dude is huge! yeah he must be on the juice.
by knowitalldude January 10, 2013
(er-suh) that nigga; can also be used as that nigga.
by mrslaps668 September 22, 2011
Juice is a slang term to mean highly suspect, as in OJ, as in, juice. When a group of people are looking shady. Your bag of weed is sparkling. Or maybe what's going on in that hoes panties. All of these can, at times, be very very juice..... proceed with caution.
"I don't know dog, that sounds juice like a mother fuckin juice"

Monica: "Those pills are looking pretty juice, man."

Aaram: "Juice? what the hell is that?"

Monica: "You know, juice, as in OJ, as in those pills are highly suspect!!"
by MoniLuv67 November 16, 2010
White people beverage that contains vitamins that black people don't know about.
Dave: Todd, Todd would you like some grape juice?
Todd: Juice, nigga what the fuck is juice, I want that purple stuff, it's sugar, water and purple
by Phantom Man January 17, 2008
1) n. The pulpy content of most fruits or vegetables when squeezed under sufficient pressure to extract it.
2) sl. The stamina or energy contained in the human spirit, extracted when under sufficient pressure.
3) v. The act of extraction from succulent fruits, vegetables, or human spirit.
1- Orange juice, pineapple, tomato, lemon
2- He relied on his juice to help.
3- see 2 above
by cunninglinguist May 10, 2005
Juice; often referred to as that's "Big Juice" the homie! Juice is often a jokester, funny, a ladies man! Can get just about any lady out there. Is known to having a big package that the ladies love and often talk about on his big penis. Juice is a loyal friend and can fight near close to a professional fighter. Juice is the man
Oh there goes Juice! I want to be just like him! He has all the jokes and has so many ladies.
by Bropong July 06, 2014
Adderall, or another form of methamphetamine salts in pill form, used by kids in school to study for hours.
I took juice this morning and have memorized the Evidence hornbook.
by Fear-say April 26, 2011
An ASSHOLE. someone who does things in a stupid manner
by fighter65 March 16, 2011
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