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Big Cans
Look at the juggulars on that bitch!
by Stripes The Fart Huffer July 27, 2003
Having, or pertaining to, particlarly large breasts.
"Man, she is REALLY juggular!!!"
by Ontir August 08, 2006
The spastic movement of a boob.
"Oh my God I'm getting a Juggular"


"It is so embarassing when I get a Juggular in class"
by Nimegem November 07, 2006
from the english based word "jugg" and the latin "ular", of juggular porportion; something having to do with juggs
may insult someone with juggs
or may be mistaken for an angle

"I like your juggular juggs"

"If i was with shakira it would be a juggular day"

by juggmaster2.0 March 06, 2008