The product of our highly modernizing world's effect on the ignorant, low, human. They represent regression in almost every sense. They paint their faces, are aggressive, travel in packs, abide (supposedly) by a simplistic code of rules, and tell all those non-juggaloes that juggalos live a happier and freer life.
Comparable to a cult, Juggaloism began most likely by a whigger who was tired of trying to fit in, so he created his own clique with his other whigger friends. This spread from town to town, from whigger to whigger, eventually creating a cult that compares in size to even Scientology.
Eventually they began to start musical groups (bands by no means) in which they would express their whigger desires by rapping poorly to simplistic beats.
*note that in these groups, they still wear their face paint, and typically rap about how "insane" and "individual" they are, when they are obviously just idiots who are slaves to society.

For anyone who has read Lord of the Flies, their culture can easily be compared to the society Jack creates; irrational, barbaric, and short.
Look over there, a pack of Juggalos.
by nono yawns November 09, 2007
Ambitionless morons with horrible taste in music, who are dedicated to drinking cheap soda. Often violent, and always immature and mindless. White-trash in the most literal sense.
Juggalos suck at life
by jgh876 June 02, 2007
juggalo- a socially inadequate and\or confused person who is not equipped to formulate and apply their own set of ideals. said person is so obsessed with the inabilty to function in a social or professional setting that they will outwardly state and most likely beleive that fitting into a range of normalcy in society doesnt matter to them. said ... Read Moreperson will perform outrageous actions for attention and try to explain them through socio-economic inequalities and the general disdain for majority of society. the social dysfunction is usually accompanied with sexual confusion and pervertedness. said person is uneducated by the failure of the school system and let down by their parents for not teaching them the importance of original thought, values, and hard work. with lack of appropriate teaching, said person latches on to a set of "juggalo" ideals which leaves that person doomed to be counterproductive and a scourge on society.
guy: I'm a juggalo.

girl: You're an idiot and completely pathetic.

guy: Your a dumb fuckin bitch who smells like dogshit and you couldn't pay me to ever talk to u again. I dont care what you think about me because i am part of a family.

girl: Great, see ya later.
by mt23 January 22, 2009
Uncultured groupies of the Insane Clown Posse who think ICP is the end-all-be-all in music and that the only other music in the world is made by Eminem, whom they hate. Generally twelve-year-old boys or, in the sadder cases, 30+ fools who really ought to know better. Their comraderie is worth about the same as that exhibited among the Elks, Freemasons, or little treefort cliques formed in elementary school. One day, hopefully, they'll all snap out of it and be exposed to some good (read REAL) music.
See also idiots, classless, braindead, sucky, trashy for synonyms and other descriptive traits.
by ICP <<<<<<<<<<< everything September 26, 2004
An extremely confused individual that doesnt realize that no one cares about their bullshit threats of physical violence while they dress up as clowns and get mad when people laugh at them for their idiocy. Also very confused on everyday cutlery claiming that a meatcleaver is a hatchet in a brilliant display of denial and retardation. They listen to the Insane Clown Pussies or ICP (which also stands for Illegal Child Pornography) which is a pathetic excuse for a rap group. ICP regularly sucks eminems penis and licks his asshole. Juggalos in general dont seem to have the reasoning skills needed to comprehend the fact that when they dress up like clowns and threaten to chop everyone up with a meat cleaver it makes them look utterly ridiculous in the face of those members of society that process rational thought. The Juggalo can commonly be heard admitting mental retardation by claiming they are, "downsyndrome with the clown", they percieve this as a threat while the rest of society percieves this as a joke. More proper terms for a Juggalo are Juggabitch, Juggafag, and Mentally Retarded.
Juggalo: "Dont fuck with me cuz im down with the clown and ill fuck you up"

Rational Person: "Youre a complete idiot go jump in front of traffic and do darwin a favor please."
by The Muffin Man 69 ver 3.0 October 28, 2009
Someone who makes Aids and sodomy tolerable
Guy 1: "So what kind of music do you listen to?"

Guy 2 :"Mainly Icp, i'm a pretty big juggalo"

Guy 1 :*Shoots himself in face*
by Helluhsickryan December 28, 2009
A piece of shit that's so obscure it can't be flushed.
"Yo is that a piece of shit?"
"Naw just a juggalo
by Crumpkinator September 23, 2009

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