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In prison a punk pussy is what inmates call other inmates who will let you butt fuck them for something.
That dude is a real punk pussy, he let three motherfuckers fuck him in the ass just so he could get some free commissary.
by ronmetrx2 June 19, 2011
A person who acts in a cowardly manner, while still trying to be tough.
"He thinks he is really cool, but he is just a punk-pussy."
by Lauren Armstrong June 14, 2006
The combination of a punk and a pussy. Someone who is scared or a sissy.
"Let's sneak out man."
"Nahh, I don't wanna get in trouble."
"Dude, don't be a punk pussy."
by TheLoStoner September 12, 2012
A person who rufuses sex when asked.
"Come here and sex me"
"Fuck no"
"Punk pussy"
by Sheena Luton November 06, 2007
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