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Big beautiful busty bosoms that inspire thoughts of nomnomnomnom and the appropriate tent creation below.
I jiggled her juggalicious jugs until they reached boiling point, at which point I gave her the obligitory pearl necklace.
by the masked crusader August 31, 2004
16 8
To envy or admire a girl with large breasts.
Have you seen Kelly now that she had her boob job? She is totally jugalicious!
by Stephanie Schuh April 28, 2008
1 0
Pictures found on the internet of Large breasts, often times college girls. Jugalicious boobs are shown off, in a clothed form, while exposing as much skin as possible.

Often found on: http://Jugalicious.com
Damn, those are jugalicious.
*sends picture link to friend on instant messanger.
by JEDIMASTER23 May 31, 2007
0 1
Having nice breasts
Holy shit!! That is one fine jugalicious bitch!
by Cheeseloaf May 07, 2003
8 9