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When two homosexual men rubb raw naked butts for pleasure.
why are you juffing on my couch?
by Mr. Juff August 14, 2005
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(Verb) A 'portmanteau' consisting of the words Jacket and Huffing.

The act of sniffing an individual's scent off an article of clothing that said individual discarded or left behind accidentally. Typically committed towards a person who is known to have a distinct or pleasant smell. Used in a negative connotation, as it is often done in secret - albeit harmless. The enthusiasm and force of the inhalation usually increases with the creepiness of the one practicing the behavior.

Not to be confused with the homosexual act.
Jacob left his zip-up sweater behind after the party. After noticing he had forgotten it I was innocently Juffing it, wondering if he wears some sort of cologne.
by Gohound October 10, 2012
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