Quite simply - A one word description of a sex smell
(bedroom door opens and lee walks into a room while dave has just finished having sex)


Dave: I do believe its juff. I think that whore Fanny farted a plume of juff on the curtain. My Bad!
by Rossco With A Crossbow May 17, 2007
Top Definition
To jack off and huff gas simultaneously for a spectacularly heady high.
It was a rainy Saturday, so I went to my crawlspace with my headband light, jackrag, and a can of gas and got my proper juff on.
by Rondo Boner February 13, 2007
aka Just For Fun.

A term used to joke.
A : Dude, are u she man ?
B : fuck!! im not.
A : Juff dude
by Rurryadrian December 01, 2013
A noxious, eye-watering odourous guff that eminates from anyone whose name begins with a "J" - Usually unleashed after a night out on the piss. Also know as "The World of Juff".
"Fuck me, Juppy, it reeks in here. That is painful. You must have been juffing all night, you filthy bastard".
by goldfingers no.10 November 17, 2009
jizz used term wen looking at a very fineeeeeeee lady
wow andy, i dont think i'd have enough juff if i was to 3d that
by steve June 22, 2004
a form of felching for women only.
She juffed me
by Woody March 26, 2003
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