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A term that comes from London meaning "man" or friend".
Friend 1: yo jucca, how was last night
Friend 2: jucca, i pounded that bitch
friend 1: mad respek
by Anis Antonie October 02, 2007
A london term meaning friend. Commonly used between people of brown backgrounds (e.g Pakistan, India, Trinidad, etc).It is sometimes used to replace the word "nigga" because "white man" has turned that into a racial term. Can also be used to replace the term "man".
Trinidadian: Yo jucca you get the math homework?

Indian: Yeah, here you go jucca"

-----Indian passes math homework to the Trinidadian-----

Trinidadian: iight thanks, Peace jucca

Indian: Peace
by WaZeam Tosd September 30, 2007
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