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When someone else gets you to do their job and they in turn do nothing.
Said from one co-worker to you regarding a project that you have been given.
"hey man you're 'Jubbed' on that proposal, Kevin was supposed to do it."
by L.J.B. March 10, 2004
Verb: To eat a whole cheescake, cheeseburger or wheel of cheese in 10 or less minutes. Or To waist a whole day sleeping, only waking up to have a warm delight. This action is often done by a jub.
Ollie : Ew did you see that girl eat that whole wheel of cheese in less then 10 minutes??!!!
Ford : she totally Jubbed!
by jublover January 23, 2010
1) To jam something into a tight spot. 2) something being too close to another thing.
1)I just jubbed all that shit into the treasure chest!!!

2) I feel like the letters in that sign are all jubbed together.
by d-dog December 01, 2003
When you flick a cats nose, it jubs backwards.
I touched the cats nose and its head jubbed back.
by 1337 July 01, 2004
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