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an abbreviation for : just so u know
"i have a shitload of stuff to do tommorow jsuk"
by sarena April 28, 2006
an abbreviation for "just so u know," used whenever instant messaging something matter-of-factly

sometimes used as a synonym for the abbreviation fyi (for your information)
Dan: i love that movie!
Serena: u stillll havent returned that copy i lent u...jsuk.

Jsuk, dont worry cuz we arent the only ones who forgot our essays.
by Spammie December 11, 2007
The acronym for the term 'Just So You Know'.
Guest: "I'm eating humans, jsuk."
Anon: "Okay, thx for telling me."
by AkiGrahamShitatsuchi December 26, 2009