Joygasm: noun. The most intense feeling possible with today's medical and recreational technology. Generally accepted to be 15 times as powerful as being high on EVERY drug, simultaneously.

rarely sexual

roots: clearly, a combination of Joy, and Orgasm

often brought on by a fellacious occurrence

accepted as being as powerful as an orgasm^Chuck Norris
DUDE I saw Inglorious Bastards and I had a Joygasm

The techie saw the lighting design for that theatre and he had a joygasm

Jake asked what a ninja was, and Sally said "you're a ninja" and he had a joygasm right there
by psuedonym^chucknorris September 12, 2009
Top Definition
A moment of intense, unfiltered joy or passion, with or without sexual thoughts/feelings involved.
"There was a simultaneous joygasm when the tour group was allowed to pass the area where there has been a pile of corpses shortly prior to their visit after a wait of 6 hours."
by DragonicUser February 03, 2005
A huge feeling of pleasure, but not from sexual experiences. These feelings can come from any event or thing that makes a person feel joy.
Happy: "Green Day's new video made me have a joygasm!"

Giddy: "I saw Red Eye last weekened. Oh my god, it was so good that I, like, had a joygasm!"

Angry: "Don't have a joygasm."

Tauntingly: "School gives Dan joygasms! *all laugh*"

Skeptical: "God, she loves food so much she practically joygasms everytime she sees a taco."

Abrupt: "Wow, I just had a joygasm."
by famous dave August 29, 2005
A moment of joy that is intense. It has NOTHING to do with sex or an orgasm.
When I found out that my favorite band of all time was playing near my town, I had a joygasm.
by illithid August 19, 2005
Coinage for climactic pleasure derived from accomplishing an act or action one finds personally gratifying. The Riddler (Jim Carrey) exclaims the word in Batman Forever (1995), when blowing up Batman's cave.
"When I played Resident Evil 5 for the first time, I absolutely joygasmed."
by ADD Robot May 01, 2009
A moment of intense joy that results in orgasmic feelings in the mind (and/or body).
"That movie was great!"
"I know! The ending gave me a joygasm!"
by Edward Von Trapp May 30, 2008
The intense feeling of happiness/joy comparable to an orgasm
-I had a great time at the party. What about you?
-Me too! I had multiple joygasms during the night, it was a mind-blowing experience!
by McPack November 02, 2010
A joygasm is what you get when you see something so beautiful, you jizz out of your imagination.
"Did you play portal 2?"
"YES. I had a joygasm dude!"
by Iced_meteor September 25, 2011
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