An adult novelty toy also known as sex toy.
I just bought an oral vibrator called TONGUEJOY, that's the best sex toy I've ever tried! Talk about JOYTOY!
by TONGUEJOY May 31, 2013
Top Definition
similar to fuckstick, although this is much more fun to say. it refers to ones dick.
Josh Bowman can't stop playing with his joy toy for more then 10 minutes.
by Cuntface March 28, 2005
Toys, usually sexual in nature, used to enhance one's sexual pleasure.
"I bought the most amazing joy toy today and I just can't stop playing with it."
by Dr. of Love June 12, 2013
A person who depends on you for their personal happiness amd blames you if they are miserable. A person who truly believes it is your job in life to keep them amused.
"Dude, I was not put on this planet to make your every waking moment a happy one. We are all responsible for our own happiness. I am not your joy toy."

"Clarissa is so boring. She is always looking to me for something fun to do. She never has any ideas of her own. She thinks I'm her personal joy toy."
by blue mascara December 07, 2009

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