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When used in the context of a Mexican/Puerto Rican/Texan female, the Term/Name "Jovana" denotes utter fabulous perfection.Known to be the most gorgeous of creatures Jovana is a very creative and unique one of a kind person.Shes going somewhere with her life and can't be stopped.Shes better then you and is very aware of it.Although Known to be selfish,superficial,and materialistic at times she does "care" for others....sometimes.Jovana is just a lusciously adorable human being.And we should all worship her highness as much as possible out of fear she'll snap and murder us all.Then donate our bodies to the necrophiliacs.

Daddy Yankee:"I wish my wife was as half as intelligent or stunning as Jovana."
Jesse Metcalf:"Yes she is exquisite isn't she."
Christiano Ronaldo;"fascinating!I must have her!"
Jovana:"Now can ALL have me."*wink wink*
by Prestine August 19, 2007
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The name Jovana derives from many different places. Jovana is the Serbian form of Jane or Joan. It is among the top five names given to girls in that country. Pronounced: Yo-vah-nah. Meanings: 'God is Gracious'. Origin: Slavic. It's also the female version of John. Jovana is the feminine form for Jovan, which means either "God is gracious" or it means "Jupiter" (aka the king of the roman gods).

Jovana is someone you should definitely be friends with. A Jovana tends to do work diligently and smartly, and almost always gets good grades. Most of these girls are in AP or advanced classes. Someone who is a Jovana is someone who is also humorous and slightly perverted. They tend to be excellent friends, but complete bitches if you're not nice to them. However, they are polite and keep their opinions to themselves until they can rant about you to their friends or write a story about you. Jovana's tend to be authors, artists, and writers.

Most Jovana's are friends with Lillys, Amelias, Madisons, Sophies, Janets, Jaidas, Elizabeths, Paiges, Dereks, Trentons, Ferdinands, Krstanas, according to my research. However, not always! If you know a Jovana, you're lucky as hell and you should bow to her feet.
Girl1: Did you hear?
Girl2: What?
Girl1: Jovana won the contest!
Girl2: Seriously? That means she's an amazing artist and writer!
by LittleMissRockerfell January 23, 2015
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a mexican boarder jumper that chase hondurians and white blue eyed guys
jeff jeff jefff plus jovana
by claudiacateater May 01, 2012
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Are back stabbing girls, they think their shit dont stink. They always think they are right. If they don't get their way they will freak out.
Don't be jovanas.
by That 509 bitch January 12, 2017
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